Discount codes

Got a discount code? Party time! 🕺  

How to apply a discount code

When ordering through our online store, please enter your discount code in the 'gift card or discount code' box, on the right hand side of the checkout page, and then click 'Apply' like so:


Tip: If you're checking out on a condensed screen such as a phone or tablet, you may need to click the 'Show order summary' dropdown to reveal the discount code box:


Discount code issues

All of our discount codes have rules attached (like being a newbie customer, spending over a certain amount, expiry dates etc). Be sure to check the terms of your code to make sure you’re eligible and whether the code is valid. These terms should be right around the place you got the code, whether it's on the website, or from an email / special link. We do not actively publish to coupon or discount aggregator platforms and therefore cannot substantiate any claims made on their respective site as to the validity, value or expiry dates of codes.

If the discount code box is displaying an error but you believe you're eligible, contact us with the discount code, where you obtained it and which error message you're seeing and we’ll look in to it for you. 


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