How do I track my order?

When your order is dispatched, we'll send you an email that contains a tracking link. This link will take you to the unique tracking page for your order and is your first port of call to find out information such as:

  • Where you order is coming from
  • Which carrier it's arriving with
  • When it was picked up
  • How many items it contains
  • The orders current status.

There should be helpful prompts on the carriers website to let you know what the current status of your order is.

If you think you may have missed your delivery, please check out our unsuccessful delivery article for further information and instructions on what to do.

I didn't receive a tracking number
If the carriers website isn't showing any results for your tracking number, or you didn't receive a tracking number at all, don't worry, our team will have access to your parcel information and you can contact us to find the whereabouts of your order. We know shipping can be stressful – so let us do the worrying for you!
Please note

With so many of us are staying at home at the moment, we’re relying on delivery more than ever. This has put a huge amount of pressure on courier and delivery networks who are trying to keep up with demand while also ensuring their teams stay safe and healthy at work. This may mean your delivery is a tad slower than usual.


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